Friday, June 25, 2010

I lovvvve a clean kitchen.

Did you ever notice how unloading and loading the dishwasher is realllly satisfying for like a second before you have to do it all over again? It feels like this great accomplishment to have everything in its place, but then a craving for a fruit smoothie strikes and alas, the blender and a few glasses are hanging out in the sink. The pile builds and builds, and then you bite the bullet and repeat the unloading and loading process once again. I guess I should just follow my yoga teacher's advice and savor the "now" moments. Being at home over the summer has definitely given more more of these clean kitchen moments to enjoy since I have more time. So I guess since it really doesn't happen all that often, I should take the time to appreciate it every chance I get. Soon there will be a little one adding to our dish piles, and I'm sure I will be forced to kiss these sporadic clean kitchen moments goodbye. Maybe I can enlist her for some help...

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