Sunday, August 22, 2010

New spaces.

In the past few weeks my belly has not only gotten bigger outward but also width-ward. The little guy has been storing his arms and legs in the pocket of space along my right side. I can almost even grab his tiny foot when he presses it out. It's just about the coolest, cutest thing ever. I just can't wait to meet him and stare into his little face and tickle his soft little feet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breechy McBreech.

Angus and I went to our midwife appointment yesterday to find out that our little bean is breech - butt down, head up. I had a feeling that his head was the large mass I was feeling right under my ribcage for the past few weeks, and I was correct. I'm feeling somewhat stressed about this even though I'm only at 33 weeks. I know there's plenty of time for the little guy to flip to a good birthing position, but I still worry. Yesterday, we went to the pool and I did flips and handstands, and today I'm going to see a prenatal chiropractor. Apparently there's a whole list of methods to try. (One involves an ice pack on the baby's head and music played down at my crotch - haha. If you're wondering, yes, I tried this too. I think it just pissed him off.)

Ultimately, I just want my baby to be healthy and happy, and whatever method of birth that requires will be OK. It's just tough because I've really geared myself up to have a natural childbirth. We're taking a natural birth class, we've hired an awesome doula, and I just feel so strongly that I can do this. Really, I just want the opportunity to experience labor and childbirth because I know it will be so beautiful. I have to realize though that even if it's not what I envision as being my perfect birth, it will still be perfect. I'll still be holding my son at the end of the day. That thought alone brings tears to my eyes. I feel so lucky to be pregnant and to be experiencing such an awesome pregnancy at that. This is just a wee bump in the road of motherhood. As my friend Jenny puts it, at least his little head is close to my heart. :) That made me smile.