Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Like a child.

I find that whenever I learn something completely new, I revert back to my child self: curious, full of wonder, and imaginative. Yesterday, Angus and I went to water our garden - which is really flourishing I might add - and what I saw totally blew me away. Have you ever seen how zucchini and yellow squash grow?! Well, let me tell you, it's freaking awesome. One of the gardens near ours has these HUGE squash plants that are pumping out squash under the density of their leaves and flowers. The garden owners have even picked several and laid them out for anyone to take. I guess one can only manage so much squash. The sight of these vegetables growing stuck with me all day, and last night I had one of those dreams that just keeps repeating itself (which can be pretty annoying.) It was pretty simple...it was just a squash plant growing and producing over and over and over and over again. It felt like I dreamed that all night long, but in reality it was probably only for a few minutes upon waking. I'm being haunted by squash!

There's one little kink in this whole beautiful squash obsession of mine. Not realizing how enormously gargantuan squash plants are, we planted two of our own smack in the middle of our garden. Ours aren't nearly as big as the ones we saw, but if my calculations are correct, they will be by mid August. I guess we may be pulling the 'ol guys if they get too unruly. At least we'll know for next year...

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