Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little guy's surgery.

This past Friday, my poor little rascal had to have surgery for an undescended testicle and inguinal hernia. We were hopeful that the testicle would move down on it's own by this time, but it didn't. (We even did testicle chants at bath time to will it down. Guess that doesn't work.) Although the procedure is fairly routine, as you can imagine, I was a nervous wreck. Nothing like adding one more thing to our already full plate. After following the pre-op instructions carefully, we drove down to Denver to the Rocky Mountain Children's Hospital. We had to arrive two hours before Calvin's procedure, so we ended up having to wait for a while before the surgeon took him back. The wait time was the worst. Calvin was so hungry and couldn't understand why I was withholding milk. We did many things to entertain and distract him during that two hour period including visiting the nurses, walking the hallways, playing with the toys we brought, smiling at another baby in the waiting area, and investigating the pulse-ox and blood pressure cuff. Finally, the nurse came and carried Calvin back into the operating room. He was so sweet as he left us, smiling at everyone and raking his hand up and down the nurse's shoulder. Angus and I hugged and went to the waiting room to wait which seemed like days but in reality was only about an hour. During that time, I called my dad to check in with him. Despite all my dad is going through, he was only concerned about Calvin and us. The love my dad possesses for those around him is simply amazing. Overall, the surgery was a success, and Calvin was a trooper for sure. He will have to return for a final procedure in about four months, but all should go well. As tough as it was to see my baby have to go under anesthesia and endure a surgery at such a young age, I couldn't help but think of the many families who are in the hospital almost full time with their children. They are inspirational.


Gown and booties.

My sweet baby boy in the horrible hospital cage post surgery.

The ride home.

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  1. So glad to hear it went well. Calvin is a trooper, but I'm guessing this was nothing for him, so the bravery award goes to you and Angus.