Saturday, March 5, 2011

The latest.

Wanted to write about the latest developments with my dad's situation. While we were in PA for three weeks, my dad had a procedure called an embolization which was supposed to stop his tumor from growing and possibly even shrink it making a partial nephrectomy (partial removal of his remaining kidney and tumor) possible. This week in a meeting with his doctors, we discovered that the tumor has actually grown a bit. This is devastating news as now the option of a partial nephrectomy is out. Basically, we are left with two options. 1. Leave the cancer in and treat with medications (similar to chemo and radiation) and hope to keep it at bay. With this option, it's only a matter of time until the cancer spreads. 2. Opt for a full nephrectomy which will leave my dad on dialysis. He will have to be on dialysis and cancer-free for 5 years before a transplant is possible. Dad has chosen to fight, and is going for the surgery. He's really scared, as are we, but we're trying to remain positive about the possibilities in the future. If this works out, he could be cancer-free. There are many risks with this surgery, and it will be an intense recovery. Dialysis will be a huge life change, and there are major risks with this as well. I am just hoping that everything, as intense as we know it will be, will go smoothly and successfully. Angus and I are flying home on the 20th of March, and Dad's surgery is scheduled for later that week (either the 24th or 25th as of now). Katy and Mike are also coming home since she is finishing her contract in TX on March 19th. She is still looking for her next placement and is hoping to get something close to my parents.

Needless to say, this freaking sucks. It's just awful to watch my dad go through this. It's very surreal. I'll continue to update my blog as it's been tough to find the time to call everyone. Thanks for thinking of us during this time.

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