Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Dad was transferred from the ICU to a regular floor yesterday which means that he's doing really well. His recovery has gone as well as could be expected, and we're so happy for that. We're just hoping that the path continues to be smooth. Of course there's been some challenges along the way, especially getting used to dialysis. I'm sure this will take time, but Dad's been a trooper so far. The doctors are suspecting that he'll be discharged by the end of this week or early next week. Then, the real recovery begins. We've set him up for dialysis on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule for now at Lancaster General. We're armed with dialysis cookbooks and ideas for recipes. My sister and Mike will be staying with my parents for a few weeks until they figure out Katy's job situation. I'm SO, SO thankful that they're going to be here since we have to get back to Colorado. Angus has to return to work, but we're already planning to come back to PA at the end of April to help out. Overall, I think at this point it's just going to be about Dad regaining his strength and getting into a dialysis routine. Once he heals from the surgery we'll be looking at another procedure to set up home dialysis. We don't have the details about that yet, but hopefully we will have them before he is discharged. Angus, Calvin, and I are staying home from the hospital tomorrow to get some things done around the house and to cook dinner for everyone. It will be a nice break...it's definitely been tough going up and back with Calvin in tow (although totally worth it!) I am just so freakin' proud of my dad. No one realizes how intense this all is and how big of a life change it is, and he is handling it remarkably well. He was in good spirits today laughing and joking around which was so great to see. He is, without a doubt, my hero.

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  1. glad to hear that things are going as well as possible. Your dad is amazing! And so are you and Katy and your mom!
    Love to you all! Anxious to see mighty Kenny!