Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favorite thiiiinnngggssss!!! (said in Oprah's voice)

As promised, here is a list of my top 20 favorite things! You get one, and you get one, and YOU GET ONE!

1. Climbing into a freshly made bed with clean sheets. Ahhh.
2. A deep red wine in the winter, a light white in the summer, and being in Napa any time of the year.
3. When I'm reading a book I can't put down.
4. Christmas lights.
5. The smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven.
6. Seeing Calvin smile with his tongue sticking out.
7. Watching a good TV series with Angus - some ones to mention are 6 Feet Under, The Wire, Dexter, Alias, Big Love, Rome, Entourage, Mad Men, 24, and Fringe. Some not-so-ones-to-mention that still hold a special place in my heart (yes, I'm talking about TV shows people) are The 4400 and Jericho. We are SO addicted, and I love it.
8. Keeping an organized planner...on paper, not on my non-existent Smart phone.
9. The feeling after a kid in my class "gets it," especially deeper ideas about the world.
10. Soy lattes from Spruce Confections. Yum.
11. A good massage and then using the spa and showers afterward. I use as many lotions as possible to get my money's worth.
12. Relaxing vacations to tropical destinations. Once I'm there, playing beach volleyball is always a good time.
13. Yoga and guided meditation. I don't do enough of it.
14. Taiwanese street food. I settle for NYC's and SF's Chinatown dim sum.
15. Hearing positive feedback about my teaching, writing, mothering, etc. It's nice to have validation every once in a while.
16. Good conversations about things that matter.
17. Being active outside. Breathing fresh air. Nature is my church.
18. Eating homegrown vegetables.
19. Sushi dates.
20. Of course, last but not least, being with my family, friends, and beautiful son.

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What are your favorite things?

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  1. The 5 minutes Lidya allows me to cuddle with her in the morning before we go downstairs for breakfast.