Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 pet peeves.

I was inspired to write this post because of something I saw on Facebook one day that really pissed me off. Some are serious, some are funny, some are just plain crazy. Here goes nothin'...

1. When people - especially grown adults - use "gay" as a synonym for "stupid". Ridiculous and ignorant. 'Nuff said.
2. The terrible looped songs on the infant swing - especially when the batteries are running low and it turns into creepy carnival music that my 8 week old son happens to love.
3. Traffic - mainly traffic due to rubber-necking.
4. Rubber-necking.
5. People who are rude for no reason.
6. When someone steps on the back of my heel/shoe. If you have been my friend for a while I've probably hit you for doing this to me, even if it was by accident.
7. Having to dump breastmilk for any reason. That stuff is liquid gold, man!
8. Really sore boobs. See previous post for details.
9. People who are addicted to and completely in love with their smart phones - extreme cases only.
10. Robots.
11. When middle schoolers refuse to revise their writing and I have to read the same draft twice. Ugh.
12. When Tivo deletes my show before I watch it because I forgot to set it to keep until I delete.
13. Never being able to find the pineapple in Psych.
14. Throwing away food that's gone bad before we had a chance to eat it. Wasteful.
15. The fact that I'm too lazy to use cloth diapers.
16. The voices of the characters on Family Guy and Southpark and all those other stupid adult cartoons. I know, I know, I have no sense of humor. Oh, also parents of middle schoolers who let their kids watch these shows and play video games all day.
17. Bathroom sinks that don't drain well.
18. A messy kitchen.
19. When I order a sandwich from the menu and they make it wrong. (This has happened to me three times in the past two weeks.)
20. When my baby doesn't gain the weight he's supposed to gain. Not really a pet peeve, just sad. :( Boo hoo.

I'll follow this up with my 20 favorite things for you "glass is half full" people. What are your pet peeves?


  1. I am also peeved by number 1 - or when people use the word "retarded" interchangeably with things like a broken lamp, a major mistake , or a drunken idiot.

    When I have nowhere to be and my kids wake up 2 hours before the sun comes up


    The fact that I still have pregnancy "scares" 2 years after my husband has had a vasectomy :)

    The little wispy hair that grow around my forehead thanks to pregnancy hormones... it's been over 2 years and those buggers are still only 2 inches long, which is partly due to the fact that last year I got pissed and cut them all off before I had to go to a formal event. BUT STILL - HATE THE PREGNANCY NEW GROWTH HAIR.

    OK - that is it. And I loved your post. You always make me laugh.

  2. Similar to #1 - I hate the phrases "get some balls" or "stop being a P$@%&" (you know...the "P" word). It is so sexist! As if having testicles makes you brave and strong, and having a vagina makes you weak and scared.