Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tis the season.

Angus got these UGG slippers - yes, I said UGG - for Christmas from my parents, and he's infatuated with them. Every moment he gets, he slips his feet into them and starts raving about the warmth and comfort and how his feet feel like they're buried in little clouds. He insists that everyone should own a pair of slippers like these and can barely wrench his feet out of them when we have to leave the house; then when he does, he complains about how his sneakers are "so not the slippers." Point of all of this being...I love how my husband shows his love. The way he loves is unrestrained and sure. He isn't ever afraid to express himself when he feels passionately about something or someone. Although I'm not sure if the slipper story is the best way to demonstrate this character trait, I sure am grateful for his love.

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